Over Pilsko Mountain in Beskidy
fot. P.Pawłowski


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Paragliding is a cheapest aerial sport, if you'll land on  distant field, you can pack all your equipment into a one backpack and try to find some tranport back. There is no such a comfort on powered paraglider where mass of equipment exeed 60 kg! While free flight, your horizontal speed on paraglider, is about 40 km/h.  It's like air riding on a cycle. I hope, you could be clouse to feel it, if you see my paragliding gallery. Flying on paraglider, or simply: paragliding, is possible to fall in love with that.

In 1998 year I begin my adventure with paragliding, but for my evolution, as pilot, responsible a few persons:  Tomasz Biegas,  Gregory Olejnik, ¦P. Marek Iruska, ¦P.Michał Ornatkiewicz and Jurek Mańkowski(my first license) and, it is obvious, colleagues from Pro-Paragliding and whole bunch of frends from Lubelskie - Zamojskie - Roztoczańskie Region.
If you want to know how my flying looks like and what is a paraglidng in Lublin and in lubelskie region, paragliding in beskidy mountains, mountain Skrzyczne, mountain Żar, or paragliders in Warsaw and in mazovia
region, you will find it in  photo paragliding, below.

Here, there is paragliding! Nice viewing!

 As it my family lands is Lubelskie region, here, you will find also, informations where this beautiful sport is possible be practise
in radius from Lublin city 100 km. Paragliding has appeared on Lubelskie in early 90's. First paraglider flew over heads of
following colleagues: Piotr Matyko, Bogdan Rojek,
Jacek Kosicki -
sometimes it is  possible to meet them flying, above Janowiec.

Below You find links to photo stories and
short movies  with my participation.

Sławomir "Kiciu¶" Żydek
email: xcpilot(AT)

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